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As the founder of the Vixen & Luxe Hair Extension Collection sister brand to my salon La Villa, I am so very pleased to introduce you to the world of truly exceptional hair extensions paired with our very own Smooth Wefting System and specialised hair care range. After 19 years of pouring my heart and soul in to hairdressing and starting from humble beginnings, I am ecstatic to be able to open the doors and introduce you to what I believe has been a huge missing piece of the puzzle in our industry – top-quality, 100%-cuticle-correct extensions, and effective specialty extension haircare.

What is the ‘Smooth Weft’?

Our Smooth Weft technique has gone through rigorous patent and quality testing over the last 2 years and is an updated and technically advanced version of Micro-weaving. The Smooth Weft has a much flatter finish to the scalp than Micro-weaving due to the flat construction making it undetectable, exceptionally comfortable and suitable for all types of hair. Our Smooth Weft technique is made with a strong resin which is substantially stronger than traditional sewn wefts on the market and is proven to be stronger, a lot less shedding and there is no ‘beard’ which is the line of shorter hair at the top of a sewn weft which often causes itchiness. Smooth Wefts can be applied in 45 minutes without the use of tape, glue, braiding or heat and we are proud to say they are 100% damage free. We have also formulated our very own NZ made, cruelty free, plant based haircare range ‘Bella Rose’, specifically designed for extensions and coloured hair.  

The Vixen & Luxe Collection was born as a result of a very frustrated hairdresser (yes thats me!) constantly feeling disappointed by the lack of honest and consistent hair available in New Zealand. I also found that there was a lack of effective extension methods that were proven to be safe for the natural hair, which is why our Smooth wefting system was brought to life.


Our Smooth Weft System

Our new internationally patent pending Smooth Weft system is made from a skin like resin, allowing for the natural hair to secure the weft in place, this makes for for even weight distribution throughout the head/hair, therefore ensures there is no stress what so ever on the natural hair. This along with the fact that we do not use any tape, glue or braiding, means that there is no way the natural hair can become damaged in any way.

Our wefts fall clean which means there is no ‘beard’ (this is the shorter row at the top of traditional sewn wefts) which allows the wefts to sit so flat to the head that they are undetectable to the touch, and do not itch or matt up which can often happen with sewn wefts that have a ‘beard’.

— Our hair lasts 7 - 12 months, often longer (12 months +) with the right care at home and the Vixen & Luxe specific haircare range

— 30-45 minute application time for a full head (15 minutes for a quarter head)

— 2-3 minutes to remove so are flexible if you feel like a break from them or you are going away on holiday

— They work in well with 6 weekly colour services; remove them, colour & cut the natural hair, then reapply (30 - 45 minutes)

— Smooth Wefts can be coloured to desired shades as they are high quality 100% cuticle correct human hair

— you can put your hair up, curl or straighten as desired.

“L truly believe that only hairdressers understand hairdressers (we are a quirky bunch!) and the true fundamentals of what it takes to stand on that floor and just create”

— kristal sargent

With determination to make a change in the industry and realising that the love and desire for extensions was escalating, I travelled worldwide and developed and mastered a flawless application in our very own Smooth Wefting system. In this time I conducted extensive research, testing of different hair types and successfully found the very best ethically sourced hair available. After undergoing rigorous patent procedures and quality testing I have passed my knowledge and skills on to my team, and are now sharing this innovative technology with our industry.

We have tried and tested our hair for six years and have become renowned for our extension work. With clients coming from all over NZ to have our extensions we literally can not keep up with demand; It is now time to share the magic! I truly believe that only hairdressers understand hairdressers and the true love that we have for our craft, this being said, we can only work with the tools we have and now with the launch of the Vixen & Luxe Hair Extension Collection, the very best in hair extensions are at your fingertips.

We are inviting salons throughout the country passionate and at the top of their game to become partners for our hair and our method and share the magic with their clients. We are looking for salons who are fun, fair and who share the same passion, drive and ethics that we do and who are ready to take their salon and services to the next level and enjoy the success we have had with our extension work. We offer trade accounts to approved salons and hair technicians, as well as extensive custom Smooth Weaving workshops where an experienced Vixen & Luxe extension technician will teach you the ins and outs of this fantastic one of a kind method, and you can become a Vixen & Luxe Licensed partner salon. Our workshops are tailor made to suit your needs, skill level and salon requirements, no extension experience necessary but you must have at least one person who is qualified in hairdressing in the workshop.

Want the best quality clip in extensions, wigs, accessories and our Vixen & Luxe Bella Rose haircare system?

We offer sale of our standard wefts (same quality hair but with a sewn top rather than our Smooth Weft top), our hair care range, clip in extensions, wigs and accessories to approved hair professionals, so hit the button below to apply for a trade account and become a stockist.

Want to become a licensed Vixen & Luxe Salon partner?Or perhaps you’d like more information on our training?

Hit the button below to learn more about the ins and outs of our one of a kind Smooth Wefting system, Become a licensed salon and offer the Vixen & Luxe technique and beautiful specialised haircare range in your salon.